A Guide To UK Bad Credit And No Credit Check Shopping Catalogues

Many retailers provide catalogues with credit, allowing customers with poor credit to purchase goods on credit. These catalogues offer an interest-bearing payment option known as Buy Now, Pay Later. The credit term is usually between 6 and 12 months. These catalogues can be an excellent substitute for credit cards and bad credit loans.

You can repay your catalogue debt after six, nine, or twelve months if you use the catalogue Very. You can pay for these catalogues on a weekly or Pay Monthly Catalogues in UK. This enables you to spread your payments out over the repayment period. A comprehensive look at the catalogues for bad credit is provided below.

No credit checks are required

If you have bad credit, you may be able to apply for a catalogue that does not require credit checks. Fees may apply in some cases. To view all available providers, go to our No Credit Check Catalogues page.

Catalogues of personal accounts for people with bad credit or CCJs

There are numerous types of bad credit shopping catalogues, including no credit check catalogues, bad credit catalogues, buy now, pay later catalogues, pay monthly catalogues, pay weekly catalogues, and catalogues with credit accounts.

Pay your account balance as soon as possible and, most importantly, make your repayments on time. If you meet your payment obligations, the catalogue company may increase your credit limit.

Catalogues for people with poor credit – How to Apply

Depending on how frequently you earn, you can choose a buy-now or pay-later catalogue. Here are some pay weekly catalogue examples. The terms of repayment can vary greatly from one retailer to the next.

After you’ve decided on a catalogue, you can set up a personal account. The catalogue company will request personal information from you, such as your name, address, and date of birth. You must make certain that you provide accurate information. If you provide false or incorrect personal information, the catalogue company may report you to fraud prevention services (Cifas).

The catalogue company will run a credit check on you after you submit your application. They may accept or reject it based on the results.

If you are rejected by the shopping catalogue company, double-check that you have entered the correct information and that you are registered to vote.

Different credit bureaus may have different information about you. It is best to contact all of the agencies to get a complete picture of your credit situation. If you have a Count Court Judgment, you will not be approved for credit. A CCJ can have an effect on your credit history for up to six years.

If your application is approved, the catalogue company will provide you with a credit limit that you can use to buy products. If you pay your bills on time, the catalogue company may increase your credit limit. Make sure you read the agreement before you spend. Be open and honest about your financial situation and what you can afford to repay each month. Failure to make your monthly payments on time may result in the rejection of future credit applications.

Payment Procedures

When you shop for a product through your catalogue account, the catalogue company will send you a bill. This is determined by the billing cycle. Catalogue companies may offer zero-interest plans to you. This means you won’t have to pay interest on your catalogue debt if you pay it off within a certain time frame.

If you do not do so, you will be required to pay interest on the entire amount of your debt.

Catalog credit can take many forms. Choosing the best credit for you can be difficult. The following are the most important:

Personal Accounts Catalogue

Personal accounts are available from the majority of online credit catalogues. Some have a single catalogue, while others have access to multiple catalogues through affiliation. These accounts frequently provide monthly payments.

Catalogue of Instant Credit

A credit check will be performed after you have opened an online catalogue account. When you are approved, you will be given a credit limit with which to make your first purchase. This is only after you have been determined to be eligible. Once accepted, you will have instant credit.

Credit with No Interest

If you have interest-free credit, you will not be charged interest if the balance is paid in full. It is critical to read the interest rate terms for the specific catalogue you are using to understand what to do if you default on your payment. This is determined by your creditworthiness.

Purchase Now and Pay Later

Catalogues may occasionally offer buy-now-pay-later accounts to customers with higher personal limit accounts. You can put them off for up to a year. This credit type is not available to those with excellent credit or a track record of reputable continuous use of a catalogue.

This means that you will pay for the goods in full at the agreed-upon time, without interest, or in instalments with interest added.

This option allows you to buy the item you want right away and spread the cost of repayment over a period of time or years. By paying the full amount before the due date, you can avoid paying more for goods. There is no interest to pay. These deals are uncommon, so keep an eye out for them.

Catalogues for People with Bad Credit

These catalogues are based on your ability and willingness to repay the purchase order’s goods. The majority of bad credit catalogues rely on guarantors or references. The majority of the goods in question are electrical and household items. This type of credit is based on your ability to repay and credit history.

It is important to note that the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rates and the less credit you will receive. Many bad credit catalogues will consider you as a guarantor if you have bad credit. After you’ve repaid several items on time, potential lenders may be tempted to extend you more credit.

Advantages of Catalogue Credit

Consumers with bad credit can use poor credit catalogues to get goods on credit.

Consumers with low credit scores may be able to use them to help rebuild their credit.

Some catalogues that allow you to buy now and pay later have no-interest plans.

With instant credit accounts, you can buy goods as soon as possible.

These catalogues frequently offer long repayment terms, which can last several years.

Bad credit catalogues provide consumers with flexible payment options that allow them to spread out their repayments over a longer period of time.

The drawbacks of catalogue credit

These rates are typically higher than the average annual percentage rate (APR), which can range between 39.9 and 58 percent.

The majority of bad credit catalogues impose harsh penalties and exorbitant fees.

The top three bad credit catalogues

Some of the most well-known buy now, pay later catalogues in the UK are as follows:


Zilch is a forerunner in the credit lending industry. Zilch is a new way of doing things, and it’s a big help to people with bad credit. Zilch will provide you with a free credit limit of up to PS200 for six weeks.

What is their interest rate?

Zilch’s terms state unequivocally that they do not charge interest rates. Zilch earns money from your purchases at any of the 5,500 retailers with whom they work. More information can be found in the FAQ section of their website.

How do I become a client of the company?

It is simple to become a member of Zilch and be accepted. Acceptance is open to everyone. Sign up for Zilch and start shopping right away by clicking the button below!

What are their terms of payment?

For credit issues, Zilch offers payment terms of up to 6 weeks. They do charge a 25% up-front fee for goods, but they also agree to credit terms.

What am I able to buy?

Zilch collaborates with over 5,500 retailers, including ASOS, AMAZON, and H&M.


Savultra charges customers PS1,800 per year, which includes PS450 in catalogue credit every three months, PS100 in grocery credit every month, and a mobile phone. *

This is a trial period. If you choose to continue using Savultra, you will be charged a one-time fee of PS34.99 as well as a monthly fee of PS19.99.

Accepted Mobile

Accepted Mobile offers a diverse range of phones, including the most recent models, makes, and devices.

Sunshine Mobile

Although it is not an exhaustive list, Sunshine Mobile can assist you if your credit score is below average and you are looking for a contract to purchase a mobile phone such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but you still want to be able to get one. Sunshine Mobile can assist you no matter what your credit score is.

SunshineMobile is a U.K.-based company. SunshineMobile is a company that provides mobile phone contracts with no credit check. Even those with bad credit will almost certainly be approved for a phone contract. Unlike other Networks, Sunshine Mobile considers the customer’s credit history rather than their credit score.

How do I become a client of the company?

It’s simple to become a Sunshine Mobile customer. Create an account on their website, www.sunshinemobile.co.uk. Choose your preferred handset from their extensive selection, then submit your application.

What is the organisational structure of the company?

After you’ve chosen your phone, you’ll be required to join their network for 12 weeks. You have the option of selecting one of their fantastic starter packages (SIM-only or SIM + Start phone package). Sunshine Mobile will send you your new handset after three months of consistent payments and demonstrating that you are a dependable customer.

What are their terms of payment?

Sunshine Mobile does not have any hard and fast payment policies. It is, in fact, one of the leading mobile networks that provides flexible payment plans. The company has developed a new Flexible Payment Plan. Customers have the option of determining when their contracts will begin. Customers can also use the plan to reschedule future payments. When the customer pays is entirely up to them. You can use a credit or debit card to make your payment.

What types of mobile phones are available?

You can purchase any smartphone, including the most recent iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

Yes Catalogue

Yes Catalogue does not conduct credit checks. Instead of a credit check, they use a payment system that allows customers to demonstrate their ability and pay.

This is accomplished by purchasing your desired goods in instalments that demonstrate your ability to pay.

You’ll be a good credit customer after six payments. Your purchases will then be delivered. You will be upgraded every time you return to credit after making a purchase.


Dial a TV has been assisting consumers with bad credit in renting electronic products at reasonable prices since 1991. They sell a variety of household appliances including vacuum cleaners, refrigerator freezers, televisions, and refrigerator freezers. In addition, they sell mobile phones and tablets.

Dial a Television customers can rent a TV to purchase products at low monthly or weekly rates. If something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about repairs because they’re all included in the price. Many people can benefit from the company’s over 25 years of experience in the field by purchasing home equipment at a lower cost.

What exactly is rent to buy?

Rent to Buy works in the same way as catalogue finance. You place an order for the goods and then pay in full. Once payment is received, you will be the owner of the product. The product is not yours until the full amount is paid. Many catalogue companies will benefit from increased security as a result of this.

What is their interest rate?

Dial a TV has the lowest APR for renting to buy products in the UK. This could explain why Dial a TV has grown in popularity in recent years.

How do I become a client of the company?

You can apply to become a customer online in just four steps.

  • To visit the company’s website, go to www.dialatv.co.uk.
  • Locate the item you’re looking for, add it to your shopping cart, and fill out an order form.
  • The company will contact you to confirm your order.
  • Make your initial payment with a debit or credit card.

What are their terms of payment?

The company’s payment terms are straightforward. It is important to note that, unless otherwise stated, all prices on the website are for monthly Direct Debit. Customers can pay with credit or debit cards, as specified. Standing Orders can be used to pay on a weekly basis.

What am I able to buy?

The company sells a wide range of electronic products, such as washing machines, dryers, televisions, and other appliances and electronics.

Bon Prix Catalogue

Bonprix.com, which debuted in 2005, is an online catalogue that provides amazing fashion products at low prices to women of all sizes and shapes. Although the website primarily sells women’s clothing, it also sells a variety of items for men and children. Clothing and shoes are examples of this. New customers get a 25% discount on their first order and next-day delivery.

What is their interest rate?

The APR rate at Bonprix is 34.9 percent, which is comparable to other similar catalogues. The variable APR rate is lower than that of other online retailers. You can also pay using multiple payment methods, giving you more flexibility in how you pay.

How do I become a client of the company?

It is simple to become a Bon prix customer. Sign up for a free account at www.bonprix.co.uk. On the sign-up page, you will be guided through the entire account creation process. After you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to browse the items you’re interested in and make purchases. Drop the items into the online basket to complete your order.

They provide a number of payment options and terms

Customers can pay Bon Prix in a variety of ways. Full payment can be made at checkout using debit or credit cards, regardless of whether the order was placed online or over the phone. With a personal account, you have more options. Online payments can be made via phone, direct debit, internet banking, or check. You can also divide the cost of your order into monthly instalments.

What am I able to buy?

Bon prix sells men’s and women’s clothing and footwear. Bon prix offers a diverse range of clothing, including dresses, jackets and shirts, jeans, as well as swimwear, sportswear, knitwear, and swimwear. Accessories such as belts, wallets, and jewellery are also available.


There is already a portal for plus-size men. Here’s the female equivalent. Marisota only caters to plus-size women. They can wear plus size skirts, pants, and almost any other type of clothing. Beautiful, voluptuous women deserve only the best.

How do I sign up as a customer?

Their official website is www.marisota.co, and all new registrants must enter their address as well as any other personal information. The address you provide should be checked against Post Office records. Customer service will be contacted if the site is unable to recognise or verify your address.

What are their terms of payment?

Customers can pay online, over the phone, or by bank transfer. Marisota, like other catalogue sites, allows customers to spread out the costs they incur through their personal account. You can spread your monthly payments if you prefer.

What am I able to purchase?

Marisota has almost everything for women, many of which are available in larger sizes. They’ve organised the items into categories. For the ladies, you can shop by fashion or by design.


Freemans.com, a well-known online fashion retailer, has a large selection of clothing for men, women, and children. There is also a large selection of home furnishings, including electric appliances. Since its inception, the company has collaborated with a diverse range of brands, including Kaleidoscope and Lascana.

When you open a personal account with the retailer, you will receive a 25% discount.

What is their interest rate?

Freemans provides a representative variable APR of 34.9 percent. This is significantly less than the price of other comparable catalogues. To make things even easier for customers, Freemans accepts a variety of payment methods.

How do I become a client of the company?

To place an order with Freemans, you must first set up an account. Register at www.freemans.com. On the sign-up page, you will be guided through the entire account creation process. After you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to select the items you want and place them in your bag. Click on the bag to finish your order.

What are their terms of payment?

Freemans provides its customers with the option to buy now and pay later. After you’ve created a personal account, add items worth at least PS100 to your bag. At the checkout, select Pay Now in 12 Months and Pay with Personal Account. You can spread the cost over a 12-month period. You can pay the entire amount at the time of purchase.

What payment options are there?

You can pay using your phone or a credit card.

What am I able to buy?

Freemans sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, swimwear, leisure wear, and other fashion items. There are also electric appliances such as freezers, TVs, toasters, washers and dryers, and other home and garden products.


Kaleidoscope sells a wide variety of products at low prices. The online store not only sells the most beautiful fashion items, but it also sells a wide range of garden and home equipment. According to Kaleidoscope, the details are what distinguishes Kaleidoscope’s fashion. This catalogue, on the other hand, is primarily aimed at women.

New customers can receive a 25% discount on their first credit order as well as free shipping.

What is their interest rate?

Kaleidoscope provides a representative 34.9 percent APR rate variable, which is not offered by other comparable catalogues. The website offers a variety of payment options.

How do I become a client of the company?

Open an account at www.kaleidoscope.co.uk. To create a password, simply enter your email address. Following that, you will be able to browse the products and select what you want, then add it to your bag. Click on the bag to finish your order.

What are their terms of payment?

Customers can shop on credit at Kaleidoscope. You can still pay full price for the items, but you are not required to do so. If you don’t have enough cash, you can order items now and pay in monthly instalments.

Payment Alternatives

Customers can use debit or credit cards to make payments. You can also pay over the phone. If you are having difficulty paying, please contact their customer service number.

What am I able to buy?

The most recent women’s fashion items are available, including bags and accessories, clothing and swimwear, eveningwear, jewellery, and swimwear. There are numerous footwear options available, including sandals, boots, and shoes. There is a wide selection of party wear available, including little black dresses and lace dresses. There are also tops from a variety of party-wear labels. Kaleidoscope has a large selection of home and garden supplies.


Curvissa is a great place to shop for plus-size women’s clothing. Curvissa is a catalogue that sells only plus-size women’s fashion. The catalogue includes a wide range of high-quality fashion items for women in sizes 14 to 32. When you create a personal account, you will receive a 30% discount on your first order as well as free shipping.

What is their interest rate?

Curvissa’s annual percentage rate is 34.9 percent. This is an example of a variable APR. Curvisa’s APR is significantly lower than that of other catalogues. You will save money on credit purchases as a result of this.

How do I become a client of the company?

Curvissa’s website address is www.curvissa.co.uk. Register by going to the website and creating an account. It’s simple to sign up. Enter your email address, create a password, and confirm. Enter your billing information as well as your mailing address. To begin shopping, sign in to your account.

They have payment terms

Customers can use Curvissa to purchase items now and pay for them later. Customers can spread the cost of items over a period of weeks or even months, allowing them to stretch their budget. You can, however, pay the entire amount at checkout. You can pay with either a credit or debit card. You can also pay over the phone.

What am I able to buy?

Curvissa, as previously stated, only carries plus-size fashion items for women. Dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, coats, jackets, tops, and leggings can be found here. Cover-ups and Tankinis, as well as swimsuits, swimsuits, mix-and-match swimwear, bikinis, and swim-dresses, are examples of swimwear. There are also a variety of footwear options available, such as flats, boots and sandals, shoes, trainers, wedges, and slippers. Scarves and jewellery, as well as belts, necklaces, bracelets, umbrellas, gloves, and belts, are examples of other accessories.


You could also try Jacamo, an online shopping catalogue website. The best place to shop for men’s clothing is Jacamo. You may have seen or heard their advertisements and television commercials. They try, like every other shopping portal on the Internet, to include small items in their menu.

How do I sign up as a customer?

Fill out the registration forms at www.jacamo.co.uk to open an account. You do not need to provide any additional information, and your account will be activated almost immediately, allowing you to begin shopping.

What are their terms of payment?

This is a site where you can purchase something now and pay later. This means you don’t have to pay for everything up front. When the statement arrives within 28 days, you can pay the minimum or the full amount. They reward good behaviour with bonuses, so it is worthwhile to pay on time.

What am I able to purchase?

Jacamo is best known for its plus size clothing, which is ideal for men who are larger in girth and taller than the average. Shoes for men with large footprints are available.

Fashion World

Fashion World, believe it or not, has been around for more than a decade. The design of this shopping portal is fantastic. The portal’s focus is self-evident: fashion. This catalogue company isn’t the only thing it has going for it.

Spread payment is an option for increasing a customer’s purchasing power. For all items, they offer next-day delivery and a buy now/pay later option. If you’re looking for something unique to wear to any occasion, check out their clothing items.

How do I sign up as a customer?

It is simple to create an account. www.fashionworld.co.uk is their official website. You must complete the online registration form. This means you’ll need to provide your personal information, delivery address, and current address, among other things.

Fashion World makes it simple to open an account and receive credit. Everything is simple to set up. The return and ordering processes are simple. They are well-known for providing excellent customer service, so you won’t have to worry about your blood pressure while shopping with them.

What payment options do they have?

Fashion World provides its customers with a number of payment options. You have two choices: pay the entire amount up front or spread the payments out over time.

What am I able to buy?

The website is best known for its fashionable clothing. In their product catalogue, they also sell electrical appliances, gift items, and home necessities.
Advantages of no-credit-check catalogues

No credit check catalogues, like any other payment plan, have advantages and disadvantages. We’ll look at some of the advantages.

Excellent option for those who have poor or no credit

This type of catalogue is ideal for those who have poor or no credit. A credit check is required for many buy now, pay later catalogues. If you fall into one of these categories, you may not be approved or have your application denied.

A no credit check catalogue is another option. It is almost certain that you will be accepted after submitting an application.

Bad credit (or no credit check) catalogues help to build a positive credit history

These payment options also give you the opportunity to improve your credit history, whether you have bad credit or are trying to establish credit.

It’s critical to pay your bills on time.

Your credit score can be influenced by your spending habits, but it is not what you spend that is important.

Although no credit check catalogues are limited in terms of what you can do with them and how you can use them, they can help you get into more restrictive buy now, pay later catalogues in the future.

Flexible payment options

For no credit check catalogues, there are usually affordable payment options. Take out a no credit checks pay weekly or monthly no credit check catalogues to save money.

Yes Catalogue, a popular no-credit-check option, requires you to pay weekly for six weeks. Each catalogue has its own payment options, some of which are more stringent than others.

While pay later options can be beneficial if you want to cut your expenses in the near future, it is critical that you understand that you will be able to make the payments on time. This may also include a substantial amount of interest.

The Cons of No Credit Check Catalogues

Every payment plan has disadvantages. Before you decide to use a no credit check catalogue, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Spending restrictions are in place

The spending limits in a no credit check catalogue are typically very low. This is one of its drawbacks. Without a credit check, the provider will be less confident that the customers will be able to make timely payments.

Reduced options

With these payment plans, you will also have fewer purchase options. This means you’ll be able to make fewer credit purchases than people who use traditional buy now, pay later catalogues.

You may also have difficulty locating a catalogue without credit checks from fewer providers who offer the products you seek. Again, the issue is one of limitation.

If you want to improve your credit score or start a business, you may need to do so in order to have access to a wider range of catalogues in the future.

Prepayment requirements

Many no credit check catalogues will require you to pay a fee up front. These catalogues do not allow you to use credit cards as freely as most credit catalogues do.

It would be far from ideal because it would reduce the convenience and affordability of the majority of buy now, pay later catalogues.

Catalogue Credit Restrictions

Your personal Pay Monthly Catalogue account will have a credit limit.

Credit catalogues that are mailed out on a monthly basis

Your Catalogue company will limit the amount of credit you are permitted to have.

This may necessitate cancelling your initial order or making a partial payment toward it.

This means that your Catalogue company has the ability to increase or decrease credit limits at any time.

Before requesting an increase in your catalogue credit limit, we recommend that you make at least the minimum monthly payments for at least six months.

As a result, initial credit limits may be offered to evaluate how well your account is managed. After three months, you are usually eligible for a credit limit increase.

Some businesses pay for Catalogue on a monthly basis. They frequently raise credit limits!

When a Catalogue company considers increasing their Credit Limit, they will notify you in writing.

Credit Scoring for Catalogues

It is important to note that Catalogue companies will look at how you have handled credit in the past, as well as how many times you have applied for credit.

This guide will have an impact on your application. Customers with low debt levels and a history of timely repayments have a better chance of being accepted for a monthly pay-monthly catalogue credit account.

Credit scoring policies vary from catalogue to catalogue

This means that even if your application is turned down by one Catalogue Company, you may be accepted by another.

Fraud checks are the final checks that can have an impact on your application.

Most people will find these checks simple. This is why it is critical to never lie on insurance applications or file false claims.

Catalogue affordability examinations

If you apply for a Catalogue personal Account, you must have your application checked with the Credit Reference Agencies.

Catalogues, pay-monthly catalogues, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, pay-monthly catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit, catalogues with credit

So that the Catalogue company knows you can afford the monthly payments,

Pay-as-you-go catalogues appear to be a popular type of credit. This is due to the fact that they are easier to approve than other credit options, making them more appealing to customers with bad credit.

Customers with excellent credit ratings may be denied credit if they are unable to make monthly payments.

Affordability is determined by your annual income and current debt levels.

Statements for Catalogues

In the monthly Catalogue Statement you will find:

  • Orders that you have placed
  • Everything you’ve returned
  • Your outstanding balance since the last statement
  • You have already made payments
  • The monthly minimum payment and the due date
  • Additional information, such as your credit limit and the amount of credit available for use on your Catalogue

Options for Payment

You can pay the full amount by logging in to your account or calling customer service at any time. You can also make any repayment you want, as long as it is less than the minimum repayment shown on your Catalogue statement.

Date of repayment

The Catalogue statement will show you how much you owe and when you must repay it. You can also set up Direct Debit to ensure that you never miss a payment.

Payments for Missing Catalogues

If you are late in paying, your Catalogue company may charge you a late fee.

Repayments were not received

This may have an impact on your credit rating, making it more difficult to obtain credit in the future.

If you are having trouble making your repayments, please contact your Catalogue company right away.

Every Catalogue company will almost certainly have a specialist who can help you find a solution.

Catalogue companies understand that unforeseen events can cause people to be unable to make timely repayments. You can help maintain your Catalogue account as well as your credit rating by informing them.

Catalogues for people with bad credit are available

There is no credit check. Catalogues sent out on a monthly basis to people with bad credit.

What you can do if your request for a monthly pay catalogue was turned down

If your application for a pay monthly catalogue is denied, you most likely failed the credit checks.

Pay on a monthly basis for bad credit, home shopping, and catalogue credit.

All applications require a credit check. You can view your credit report by clicking here.

You may not be able to correct credit issues that appear on your credit report, such as:

  • You have not made any repayments
  • You have breached a credit agreement

This information will be kept on your credit report for a period of six years.

With one of our bad credit catalogues, you can still enjoy the benefits of a monthly pay-per-month catalogue. Please see the table below for more information.

Monthly Catalogs for People with Bad Credit

If you haven’t already, you should apply for a Prime Credit Catalogue.

Bad Credit Catalogue can help you improve your credit score.

Pay on a monthly basis for bad credit, home shopping, and catalogue credit.

A NO Credit Check/Bad Credit Catalogue may assist you in improving your credit score.

When you apply for a Prime Credit Catalogue, you can improve your chances of success.

Suggestions for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping entails some risks. There are, however, some precautions you can take to ensure your safety.

Nowadays, almost anyone can build a website. If you are purchasing from a new company,

Avoid the company if it cannot be trusted.

Companies House allows you to check the company’s details to ensure that it is legitimate.

It is not sufficient to have an email address or a phone number. You should be able to find the company’s postal address and phone number as well. Be cautious if you can’t find the address or phone number.

It is difficult to determine whether they are genuine because you are less likely than others to have heard about them. When dealing with them, exercise caution.

Regardless of which website you purchase from:

You should read the website’s privacy and return policies. If your purchase is not satisfactory, you should be able to find out what you can do about it. In addition, the website should state whether your information will be kept private or shared with a third party.

Customers should be reviewed and rated.

Keep a copy of your order as well as any emails from the company concerning the shipment of your item.

Check that the amount of money transferred to your account matches the amount you spent.

How to tell if you’re on a safe website

Secure sites are the best places to store your credit card information. Anyone with access to an unsecure site can access it. As you can see,

The padlock symbol can be found in the browser’s lower right corner. This symbol indicates that the site is secure, but this is not always the case.

Your website’s address should begin with “https://”. Secure is an abbreviation for secure.

Another worthwhile option is Shopsafe (shopsafe.co.uk), which rates thousands of shops based on their delivery costs, security, and other factors.


Consumers with bad credit or no credit check catalogues can buy goods on credit without having to apply for credit, and these catalogues frequently have extremely high APRs. Popular buy now-pay later catalogues include the Argos catalogue and the Jacamo catalogue.

No Credit Check Catalogues Frequently Asked Questions

What is the simplest way to obtain bad credit?

Many shopping catalogues will accept people with bad credit. If your credit rating has been harmed, the Savvy Benefits Card can provide a PS2,500 credit line, but you must pay a monthly fee.

Is it possible to apply for a bad credit catalogue if I have a CCJ?

If you have a CCJ (County Court Judgment), getting any type of credit may be difficult, but not impossible; some shopping catalogues can accommodate people with bad credit; see our list of specialist catalogues that offer a buy-now, pay later option.

What if I have a poor credit history?

If you have poor credit ratings, it can be difficult to obtain any type of credit line. UK Credit Ratings is our partner who will allow you to review your credit file before applying. For more information, please click here.

Is it possible to get Buy Now, Pay Later with no credit check?

Most shopping catalogues require a credit check before you can open a buy now, pay later account; however, some companies, such as the Savvy Benefits Card, can offer you up to PS2,500 without a credit check; however, you may be required to pay a monthly fee.

What can I do to improve my credit score?

It is one of the best things you can do to improve your credit score, and if you ever need money, you have many options. UK Credit Ratings is our partner, and they will allow you to review your credit file before applying.

How can I find out if I’m accepted?

It all depends on the catalogue company with whom you are dealing; some will respond immediately, while others may take several hours to send you an email; and keep in mind that not all catalogues will approve or reject applications immediately.

Even if your credit has been denied, you can still order and check out. A credit underwriter will review your information to determine if you are eligible for a lower credit limit, and you should receive an email notification about your credit status within two days.

How do I know what my catalogue limit is?

When determining how much credit you can get, catalogue companies take into account a variety of factors. Your credit score, employment status, area of residence and any outstanding debts are all factors that will be considered when determining how much credit you can get. After approval, you will receive a credit limit. This is the maximum amount that you can spend on your catalogue credit account. You can limit your credit to between £100-£1000.