Tumble Dryers

shop-nowWhen it comes to the features on offer, tumble dryers aren’t perhaps the most ‘exciting’ household appliances on the market! Nevertheless, if you’re buying a tumble dryer there are still important points to consider – not least energy efficiency and load capacity. A good quality tumble dryer can be expensive and buying one on credit can be a useful way of dividing the cost into more manageable chunks. What’s more, buying from an online catalogue often means that you don’t have to undergo a full credit check in order to obtain finance.

If you’re buying a tumble dryer from Littlewoods for example, you’re not required to pay an initial deposit and you have a choice over the number of weekly payments over which you can spread the repayment. GetAppliances also has a wide variety of tumble dryers available along with a range of finance options. Another online catalogue store, Very.co.uk allows you to pay nothing for 12 months, make use of a discount and then pay in installments. There are lots of online catalogue stores offering great deals on tumble dryers. When you’re looking for a new tumble dryer, comparing the products that are out there based on expert reviews, consumer ratings and brand reputation will help you to narrow down what you’re looking for. Next, take a look at those online catalogue stores and see what sort of deal is available.

Some catalogue stores will be able to give you credit on a tumble dryer – even without a formal credit check. However such retailers will generally still require proof that you have the ability to make your repayments. They will also generally require you to pay an initial deposit.

A lot of stores however, do insist on credit checks before giving credit. In fact, credit checks are the standard method used by many retailers to assess a person’s creditworthiness. A credit check tends to follow a standard format. A credit agency employed by the store will obtain details on all the finance arrangements you have entered into and will collate information such as whether you have made payments in a timely manner as well as what level of outstanding debt you have. Broadly, if the overall picture created by the credit check is of someone likely to default on the debt and regularly miss payments, it’s highly unlikely that credit will be given.

You can run a credit check on yourself – and indeed this is highly recommended before you apply for credit. By doing this, you can spot any inaccurate entries on your credit record and deal with them accordingly. You can also get a better idea on what you’re likely to expect from your prospective seller’s report. Light use of your existing credit cards can also be beneficial and can help you gain a better credit rating. Such usage demonstrates that you are capable of handling debt and paying back what you owe and will help reinforce the impression that you are likely to be a reliable credit customer.