shop-nowIf you’re looking to buy a new sofa but can’t get hold of the cash to pay for it outright, your best option is to try and obtain a finance deal. Finance options are available from many online stores. Whilst many such stores will only offer finance to customers who have passed a credit check, some online retailers offer finance arrangements with no credit check.

There’s no doubt that sofas can be expensive and can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of pounds. How can you lessen the financial impact of paying for a sofa? One option is of course to buy a second hand sofa. Generally, the price for a second hand sofa is a fraction of the price for a new one and spending less on a sofa now might give you the chance to save up money to put down a deposit on your ideal sofa later on.

If you really want a new sofa however, there are a variety of deals available from various online stores. DFS for example is one of the country’s largest retailers of sofas and it offers a range of deals through its website. Free credit is available for up to 4 years – with no deposit and small minimum payment amounts. PicnPay offers schemes allowing you to pay weekly and are also able to provide finance – even without a credit check. The attraction of Bayv as a further example, is that it assesses each application for finance on an individual basis – offering deals which are tailor-made for the individual circumstances of the applicant.

If you have already been turned down for finance on a sofa by one retailer, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get turned down by them all! Online catalogues are great places to check for finance deals, due to their high approval rates. The advantage of catalogues is that very often they will offer credit without carrying out a full credit check – so long as they are satisfied that you have a regular income. Simply Be, House of Bath and Fashion World are examples of catalogues offering great deals for people who have bad credit and have been turned down for finance elsewhere.