shop-nowAn iPad is certainly a desirable item. The problem is that it’s also an expensive one and not many of us can afford to pay for one outright. There are ways around this though – even if you have a low credit score or a poor credit rating.

The Apple Inc Loan

In certain circumstances – (notably for students and teachers) it is possible to apply for a loan for an iPad under Apple Inc.’s Citizen Payment Loan Plan for Students and Educators, administered through RBS. This provides for the purchase price to be paid in monthly installments. A co-signatory is generally required (particularly for students with little or no credit history).

Purchasing an iPad through a catalogue.

If you’re not a student or teacher, there are other ways of obtaining finance on an iPad – even without a good credit score. Catalogues are a great option for this. You’ll find that stores such as Littlewoods and Grimmitech stock iPads and many similar products. They tend to offer a range of finance options – including ‘buy now, pay later’ deals – allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase according to a schedule that suits you. Grimmitech for example applies for a credit card on your behalf and then enables you to make purchases using that credit card. Both Littlewoods and Grimmitech rely on credit checks, however.

A poor credit history needn’t prevent you from buying an iPad through a catalogue. Some companies offer rent-to-own or lease-to-own deals without a credit check. Providing you meet the monthly or weekly payments, the iPad becomes yours to keep after a set length of time. Not all stores require a credit check. For instance, BrightHouse do not require a credit check so long as the store is satisfied that you will be able to meet your payments (e.g. if you are able to put down an initial deposit). Payweeklysore.co.uk looks at 3 months of bank statements to determine your ability to pay – rather than relying on a formal credit check.