How to Get a No Credit Check Car Loan

Your credit rating can make or break your ability to get a car loan. And if it just so happen that you aren’t able to obtain a car loan due to your bad credit, there are a few ways that you can get a car loan without a credit check. Even though it isn’t advised that you take these steps to obtain a car loan, getting around your bad credit with these tips can get you rolling in your new ride in no time.

When it comes to getting a car loan without a credit check, it’s important that you research and find a car lot that does in house financing. In house financing means that they don’t work with banks. The dealership finances their own vehicles, and offers them to their customers. This is why it’s much easier to get a car loan through dealerships like these because they don’t base their approval on credit scores.

When it comes to getting a car loan without a credit check, the main thing that a potential consumer needs to have is a solid income. Some dealerships expect for you to have a steady bank account as well. If you aren’t comfortable with giving that type of information, you can easily choose a dealership that doesn’t require such standards. You will also need to have a valid drivers license to get approved without a credit check. Nine times out of ten, you will have to purchase car insurance before you can actually pull off the lot.

The dealership will be much more willing to approve you without a credit check if you choose a vehicle that is within your budget. Since they base approval on income, making responsible decisions on what you can afford will make the dealership much more willing to finance you.

Finding a co-signer is another way to get a car loan without a credit check. Having someone sign on your behalf can possibly give you a lower interest rate. The only stipulation behind having a co-signer is making sure that you make good on your payments. Defaulting on your payments will put your co-signer’s credit in jeopardy.

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