shop-nowAfter carefully reviewing what is out there for our users, we recommend the following online stores where you can buy fridges online, without being subjected to a credit check, and you can still enjoy the flexibility of their finance options:

There are many things to take into account when choosing a new fridge from an online catalogue retailer. These include energy ratings, fridge capacity, anti-frosting devices, LED controls – the list goes on! It goes without saying that fridges of all shapes, sizes and brands are available from online electrical appliance stores. It’s also the case however that you can get some fantastic deals on branded fridges from UK catalogues. The benefit of this is that UK catalogues tend to have high approval figures. Getting a pay weekly or pay monthly deal on fridges from a UK catalogue is often easier than you think – even if you have a low or bad credit score.

Credit Checks are commonly used by retailers to determine whether a potential customer is creditworthy. A typical credit report will give your basic details such as full name, date of birth, social security number, address (including past addresses), employment record, details of your current employers and confirmation of your current income. Most importantly, it will show all of your current and past borrowings in addition to any failed applications for credit or finance. It will also show whether you have failed to meet your payments on the credit arrangements you already have. If any queries arise, the credit agency may make enquiries with your creditors to obtain financial references. As part of the process you are then given a score based on your creditworthiness as a whole.

If you’re not careful, the results of a credit check might prevent from buying the fridge you want. One tactic is to be prepared and to run a credit check on yourself. This way you’ll be able to spot the references to those lines of credit that might prove to be a problem. You might even spot things that shouldn’t be there – and you can then take steps to remove them. It’s also worth remembering that too many failed credit applications and/or loan application-related credit checks can in themselves be bad for your credit rating.

With all the hassle involved, there’s little wonder that lots of people want to by-pass the credit check system when buying a fridge! Buying from a catalogue is a great way of doing this. Some catalogues even have finance available without requiring a hefty deposit. For instance, Buy-As-You-View enables you to make weekly installments with no initial deposit. Perfect Home also offers flexible credit arrangements without a deposit and it even offers free delivery – (although buyers are required to take out accident and theft insurance cover if they do not already have home contents cover). Littlewoods has a variety of offers available on fridges – including 10% off your first credit purchase. Littlewoods even allows you to purchase sale items in weekly installments. What’s more, interest charges can be avoided completely if you pay the full cash price before the end of the interest-free period. Alternatively, the cost of your purchases can be spread out even further thanks to the Littlewoods shopping account.