shop-nowWhen it comes to electrical appliances, there’s never been a greater choice available than there is at present – especially when it comes to buying online. Freezers are no exception. Whatever’s important to you in a freezer; whether it’s compartment size, defrost options, fast freeze facilities, ice-making capacity and everything else; the sheer range available means that you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.

The difficulty though, is that freezers don’t come cheap! If you’ve found your dream freezer, the next hurdle is of course to pay for it. What you want is a payment option that’s affordable and convenient. Buying on credit is one option but of course this often means having to go through the hassle of a formal credit check.

Credit checks generally feature two parts; namely a credit report and a credit score. A credit report essentially lists all your past and present finance arrangements in addition to your repayment history. In the process of a credit check, a credit agency will typically collect data from creditors and produce a repayment history including information such as whether you have made your payments on time and whether you still have outstanding amounts due. It is unfortunately the case that an unsatisfactory credit check result i.e. one in which you are portrayed as being unlikely to be able to meet your financial commitments, is likely to prevent you from qualifying for a loan from many lenders and for credit from many stores. What’s more, too many loan-related credit checks and failed applications for credit can in themselves worsen your credit rating.

If a credit check comes back as unfavourable, it is still sometimes possible to obtain credit if you are able to give a good explanation for the ‘bad’ parts of the report and if you are able to convince the retailer that you are able and willing to meet your commitments. If you have defaulted on loans in the past and you still have an amount outstanding, consider going back to the lender to negotiate repayment. The more co-operative you are, the better it’s going to be for your credit history in the future.

One of the best ways of by-passing the whole problem of credit checks is to consider buying your new freezer from an online catalogue. These catalogues have much higher acceptance rates when it comes to credit than many other stores. Some of them will also offer credit without a full credit check – so long as they are satisfied that you are likely to be able to meet your obligations under the credit agreement.

For example, Littlewoods allows you to sign up for a credit account which means that you can then pay for your new freezer in weekly installments. Gimmitech enables you to sign up online for a credit card with which you can then buy your new freezer. Buy-as-you-view is an online catalogue with a highly useful search feature enabling you to find the freezer that’s right for you with reference to brand, product specification and/or key features.