shop-nowWant to buy a dishwasher without the hassle of a credit check? Unfortunately with some but not all stores, credit checks are a fact of life whenever you want to make a purchase on credit or if you wish to pay in installments. The store you approach gets a credit reporting agency to carry out a detailed analysis on your credit worthiness. This results in a credit report featuring a credit score. How can you increase your credit worthiness to ensure a good score? Above all, the key thing is to be able to show that you are able to meet your commitments. Having various finance arrangements in place at any one time is fine – so long as you can show that you are meeting your repayment obligations.

Above all, try and avoid a credit charge-off.  If a creditor feels that he’s reached the end of the line in trying to chase a debt from you, he may decide to formally write off the loss in his accounts. This is referred to as credit charge-off. The problem is that it is then recorded in your credit report and stays there for seven years and 180 days from the date when you first defaulted on your debt. The best way out of this is to negotiate with the credit reporting agency to have the charge-off removed once you have paid off what you owe.

When you buy large electrical appliances and kitchen goods such as a dishwasher from an online catalogue, you very often get the choice of having it delivered to your home or else being able to pick it up yourself at your nearest store. Each store has a different policy on delivery so make sure you check for hidden charges!

So what sort of finance deals are available on dishwashers? GetAppliances offers a range of inbuilt and free standing dishwashers with credit available over a period of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months at a reasonable APR. Littlewoods have buy now, pay nothing for 12 months options available on many dishwashers. Easybuy has various finance options available on dishwashers. You can buy a dishwasher over 52, 78 or 104 weeks and Easybuy also enables you to obtain finance without a credit check.