shop-nowMost of us have missed a payment at some point or other and credit checks can be a real hassle whenever you’re trying to obtain finance on cameras.

Whether it’s digital, DSLR or video, the price tags on cameras mean that very few of us can afford to buy one outright. Fortunately several catalogue stores offer finance on cameras without a credit check. These shops include Littlewoods, Simply Be and JD Williams. They offer a range of credit options and therefore provide you with a degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing a repayment plan.

Other than catalogues, it is possible to find some websites that offer finance on cameras with no credit checks. You need to be very careful about these ‘deals’ however. The list price of individual items may be lower than in certain catalogues. The problem though, is that very often credit-check free finance is only available through these sites if you spend a certain amount of money – and this amount is often set quite high. You may find yourself bundling various items into your online ‘basket’ (regardless of whether you really want them) – just so you spend the minimum amount to be eligible for check-free credit.

What should you do if you’re refused finance for a camera because of a low credit score? It’s always worth getting hold of your credit report to see if there’s anything on it that is incorrect. Also, you can apply for finance from stores that generally do not require a credit check such as BrightHouse and Providing you meet your payment commitments, you are likely to see an improvement in your credit score in the long term.