shop-nowWe know what it’s like: each time you need to make a significant purchase, the dreaded question of credit rears its head! After all, no-one wants the hassle of a credit check. It’s so much easier if we can get a good finance deal without a full credit check.

Beds are an essential part of any home. Purchasing a bed on credit can directly affect our credit record – either positively if we make our payments on time or negatively if we fail to meet our obligations. It’s therefore very important to choose a finance scheme that you can comply with. You’ll find that major stores such as Littlewoods and Dreams offer a variety of purchase options and finance deals on everything from bunk beds to sofa beds – enabling you to spread your payments into more manageable monthly or even weekly installments.

Some stores offer flexible pay plans – enabling you to make weekly or monthly payments. PicnPay for example offers fantastic pay-weekly schemes without credit checks – enabling you to make over-payments as and when you can afford them. Paymonthlystore gives you the option of selecting how many months you would like to spread your payments over. Dreams  offers finance options on many well-known brands of beds to help you spread your payments.

Meeting your monthly or weekly payment obligations will go a long way in helping your credit record. In addition, it’s worth occasionally ordering a copy of your credit check report to ensure that there’s nothing on there that shouldn’t be there. What’s more, credit simulators are a great way of seeing how different financial activities are likely to impact upon your credit score.

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