Bad Credit Catalogues

Many purchases are essential – including food, clothing, household appliances and much else besides. Sometimes you feel restricted from buying an item due to a lack of cash and/or a bad credit history. Many shops require either payment in full on purchase or else proof of good credit. This can get frustrating but there are ways around it. Instead, you need to locate a bad credit catalogue or a no credit check catalogue. On the one hand, many catalogues will not approve you without a credit check. Other catalogues are more flexible though, and will accept customers with bad credit or a poor credit history.

Bad credit catalogues will work out a payment plan based on just how good or bad your credit history is. Examples of these catalogues are Very, Jacamo and Littlewoods. They will create a payment plan for you. The better your credit rating is, the lower your required repayments will be. Bad credit will mean higher monthly payments but at least you are still able to spread the cost of your purchases into more manageable regular repayments.

The high acceptance rates of catalogues is great news for anyone who has been refused finance elsewhere. When it comes to phone networks though, unfortunately there aren’t many who accept applications for finance from people with bad credit. If you’ve come up against this problem, your best option is probably to try and improve your credit score.

How do you maximize your chances of having your application for finance approved by a bad credit catalogue store? One way is to pay a small deposit. This shows that you have a direct interest in paying the full amount back since you’ve already made an investment in it. It is also very important that you make your payments on time. Failure to do so would not only mean that late-payment fees mount up – but also that your credit score becomes even worse. Remember; timely payments mean a better credit rating in the future.

Bad credit catalogues therefore bring an immediate benefit for you; (they enable you to purchase items you would not otherwise have been able to afford). They also have a potential future benefit to you; (they give you the opportunity to build up a better credit history).

It just goes to show that there are ways around the problem of bad credit. What you’ll find is that shops such as Jacamo and Littlewoods won’t automatically turn you away. Instead, they’ll work with you to try and create a payment plan suitable for your budget. Televisions, computers, furniture, appliances, clothes and much else besides; there is a way to own these items – even with a poor credit history.

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