No Credit Check Catalogues

It can be difficult to find catalogues that offer finance without carrying out credit checks. If a store does not know your credit rating, it is difficult for it to determine your ability to pay as well as your reliability.


Some stores will allow you to submit recent bank statements to prove your credit worthiness. If you are able to show a reliable source of income, your application for credit is more likely to be accepted. We have located those UK catalogues offering credit without a credit check in addition to many stores who offer finance even without a good credit rating.

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Looking for a new washing machine or sofa, laptop or other appliance without having to go through a credit check? Click on the products below to find where you can get great deals on them – without a credit check.

Credit Rating

Your credit rating is calculated on a score basis by looking at your past history of borrowing money and then paying it back. If you don’t have a history of borrowing in the past, your credit score is likely to be low. If you have missed payments on mortgages, credit cards and/or bank loans you’ve taken out, your credit rating is likely to be bad.

Interest Charges With No Credit Checks

Higher rates of interest are generally charged by a catalogue where no credit check is performed compared to if you have been credit checked. However, if you are able to make your payments on time, you can then rebuild your credit history – increasing your chances of being accepted for credit on future applications.

Catalogues UK

Obtaining credit from UK catalogues is an excellent way of repairing your credit history. Their approval rates are very high and some of them don’t require a credit check; they merely require three months of bank statements as an alternative. You are often able to pay weekly or monthly.